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Tanzania voyages specialises in custom tailored private safaris in Tanzania and East Africa in general. Since we create bespoke safaris we are often able to deliver an excellent, meaningful and off the beaten track experiences like no other. We will advise you from first-hand experience, guiding you to make well-informed decision for the best possible safari. Then we will work hard to organise your African safari perfectly and put the best private guide at your service, all at a price that has a great value exclusively for you.

Tanzania Voyages is committed to providing you with unsurpassed level of service, and we promise you a fairy-tale memorable holiday of a lifetime but we can’t promise you won’t leave a piece of your heart in Africa!

Tanzania Voyages


Get to enjoy the best places inTanzania, visit the bushland from the biggest plains in Africa, view and climb the highest peak in Africa and enjoy the best beaches in Zanzibar, it is really unforgettable Tanzania.


In our rapidly globalizing world, cultural tourism has dramatically increased in popularity. Highly recommended for student or volunteer groups, Tanzania Voyage can organize extended stays in tribal villages allowing you to experience African life firsthand.

Among the highlights are visits to local crafts shops, cultural performances, and volunteer opportunities in the community.
All walking Safari activities in Tanzanian National Parks happen inside the established wilderness zones. The area we walk in is a massive and remote area and mainly consists of gentle rolling hills with small streams and springs in the valleys and small grassland plains surrounded by sparse acacia forests. Big granite outcrops called kopjes give the area a great feel and look and make for outstanding campsites.
Walking Safari in Serengeti National Park Being an area of varied eco-zones and vegetation types it is home to all of Africa’s mammals and a huge variety of birds, reptiles and insects. A fair amount of wildlife is resident in the area year round due to permanent springs but June – August is fantastic due to the annual migration moving through the area. Since visibility is generally good walking is safe and wildlife watching well. “Walking wildlife watching,” means looking at animals from a distance.
Night game drives in Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park is unique to the National Parks in Tanzania.
A few notes on the night drive park fees: National Parks. Tanzanian National Park fees for the drive is as follow: US$45 for the normal park fee. This is a 24-hour permit and can obviously also be used to gain access to the park in day time.

US$50 fee for the night drive. Both these fees should be paid to the National Park gate before 18:00. The guests should have the permit when arriving for the night drive and should present this to the park rangers upon entrance to the National Park.

Short one-day or multiple-day excursions to a nearby city can afford you the opportunity to understand how modernization and globalization have affected and promoted development in Africa.
Among the cities we recommend are Arusha, Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Iringa, Karatu, Kigoma, Kilwa, Mbeya, Mikindani, Morogoro, Moshi, Mtwara, Musoma, Mwanza and Pangani.
Whether you want to explore the underwater wonders off the coast of Africa through a snorkeling or diving expedition, spend the day fishing and relaxing on a boat in the Indian Ocean, relax on a secluded private beach, horseback ride into the sunset, or explore a town by bike, Tanzania Voyage can find the perfect island for you.
Most popular among our tours are visits to Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar.

Looking for a wedding or honeymoon experience that you can cherish for a lifetime?

Whether you are looking for adventure, romanticism, relaxation, or a mixture of all three, we can help you create the moments that will take your breath away!
Your Honeymoon will be one of the things you tell stories about throughout the rest of your lives together! At Tanzania Voyages will ensure your stories are some of the most exciting ones you’ll ever recount.

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A Professional Tanzanian Safari Guide Raymond is the founder of Tanzania Voyage. As he grew up in the village, he began gaining extensive bush experience.

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